What is a wood chipper hammer mill?

A wood chipper hammer mill is used for crushing wood into small sizes. The machine performs multiple functions, with crushing as the primary one. It shreds varying diameters of materials, for example, wood and straw. The diameter of the final shreds varies from three to five millimeters.

The hammer mill attains fine shreds after multiple crushes by its little hammers. Among the industrial applications of a wood hammer mill include milling grains used for feeding livestock and crushing wood to make pellets. It performs based on the effect created between fast-moving hammers mounted on powder and rotor.

What are the different types of wood chipper hammer mills?

Wood chipper hammer mills are used on materials will diameters ranging from ten millimeters to thirty-three millimeters. These materials are reduced to sizes ranging between three- and five millimeters using hammers rotating at high speeds. There are three primary types of wood chipper hammers mills and are classified based on the shape of the screener and their sizes.

When classified based on the shape of the screener, the wood chipper hammer mills comprise screenless, full screen, and half screen hammers mills. On the other hand, they include the small and large hammer mills when they are classified according to their sizes. Each of these types of hammer mills is essential in different ways.

Small wood chipper hammer mill

A small wood chipper hammer mill may also be referred to as a half-screen hammer mill. Its screen cloth covers a semicircular section of its rotor, with the serrated plate situated above the body. When feeding raw materials, you should place them along the curved line of the crushing section.

This wood chipper hammer mill is versatile and can be used in various working conditions. It is easy to operate, costs less, and is small. Besides, the small wood chipper hammer mill comprises parts such as an engine body, screen cloth, feed hopper, air blower, to mention a few of the parts.  

The small wood chipper hammer mill may as well be used in other operations. These operations include but are not limited to wood processing, food milling, and pellet production. The used depends on the type of hammer mill you have. The most important is putting the correct hammer mill to its proper function.

Large wood chipper hammer mill

The large wood chipper hammer mill is also called a drop-shaped hammer mill. In this type of hammer mill, the rotor and electric motor are usually welded on one plate and are connected by one pin coupling. The feed hopper of the large hammer mill is located at the top of the hammer mill, with its rotor rotating both clockwise and anticlockwise.  

The hammers of the large hammer mill are organized systematically to improve their efficiency when shredding materials.

You may choose to get a large or small wood chipper hammer mill depending on the type of work you would like to do. Getting the right hammer mill will go a long way in assuring efficiency in pellet production.


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